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Maude (Adelaide Clemens), a 25-year-old medical student living in Germany, is still trying to pick up the pieces after her identical twin Cleo disappeared one year prior. When visions of Cleo’s violent abduction begin manifesting as hallucinations, Maude returns home to face her grieving family in Australia. Once there, however, the increasingly vivid details of Cleo’s disappearance surface in Maude’s nightmares. Initially unsure if the dreams are just the cruel creations of a troubled mind or evidence of psychic communication with her sister, Maude becomes convinced that Cleo is still alive. Together with Cleo’s fiancé (Alex Russell) and the police detective working the case (Jonny Pasvolsky), Maude uses the visions to trace Cleo’s movements. When she finally catches up to Cleo, Maude discovers her fate is intrinsically linked to that of her sister.
Starring Adelaide Clemens, Alex Russell, Veerle Baetens
Director Luke Shanahan