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His son is dead. He is dying. Overnight, Dan Logan's peaceful world has been shattered. A military installation has accidentally dumped a fatal dose of experimental nerve gas over Logan's Wyoming ranch and dropped a veil of secrecy over the "incident." With no one to turn to for help, Logan becomes both judge...and executioner. Playing Logan, George C. Scott stars both before and behind the camera in this blistering thriller also featuring strong performances from veteran actors Richard Basehart and Barnard Hughes, as well as a young Martin Sheen as a cool, manipulative medical specialist whose specialty is deception. Rage, said the Los Angeles Times, "really is enraged - a powerhouse polemic against the kind of military-industrial shenanigans which makes the fiction so appallingly close to the truth."
Starring George C. Scott, Richard Basehart, Martin Sheen
Director George C. Scott