This crime drama is an action packed flick revolving around a nameless orphan (Shah Rukh Khan) who is pulled into a life of crime. When he asks a priest what his name is, the priest says "Ram jaane" which means 'God knows'. He takes on this phrase as his name and it strangely ends up signifying his whole life. Used to criminal tactics since childhood, he spends most of his adolescence locked up. When he returns to the streets, he runs into his old friend Murli (Vivek Mushran) who now runs an orphanage. Murli gives Ram a shot at redemption and he ends up as the unofficial bodyguard for the children. Ram finds out that his childhood love, Bela (Juhi Chawla) lives with Murli and he falls in love all over again. Unknown to Ram, Bela is in love with Murli. Things take an ugly turn when the orphanage is assaulted by rival gangsters and corrupt police. Murli and Bela try desperately to reform Ram but not only does he relapse to old ways, he starts to influence the children to follow in his footsteps. Will this charming murderer repent and change himself?
Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran
Director Rajiv Mehra