Rasikkum Seemane
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The film starts with two ten year old boys, Nandhu (Srikanth) and Aravind (Aravind Akash), arguing heatedly about Gayathri (Navya Nair) and who loves her the most. As the young girl herself remarks, they are all only in seventh standard, and claims she will only fall in love with whoever happens to become a doctor. In the meantime, Gayathri's father is transferred elsewhere, while Nandhu's father commits suicide after killing his mother. Nandhu is taken care of his father's closest friend (R. K. Vidyadharan) and as he cannot afford to help the kid become a doctor, he hatches a plan to become a professional blackmailer. A dozen years later and you've got an adult Nandhu who is a student and professional blackmailer, now operating under the aegis of his guru and his associate (Sathyan). Until Gayathri re-emerges, but for Nandhu's distraught, she has already met Aravind who actually has become a doctor. Realisation comes to Nandhu slowly but when all his plans to stop them falling in love backfire, he decides to take some drastic action, blackmailing her into eloping with him but it never occurs to him to marry her.
Starring Srikanth, Navya Nair, Aravind Akash