Rave Party Massacre
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A sexy pink wig, a short short vinyl club skirt, an illicit hallucinogen 'DeadThirsty', and care-free femme fatale Rachel is ready to rave. It’s 1992, Clinton’s recent victory over Bush marks the final end to the go-go ‘80s. Accompanied by her lunkheaded boyfriend, Branson, Rachel ventures out into the cold, rainy night to attend an illegal rave party held in a decaying hospital that’s been scheduled for demolition. After drug infused partying and forbidden sex, Rachel awakens the next morning to find herself a prisoner in a labyrinthian medical facility once known for saving lives but now a staging ground for mass murder. Hunted by an omnipresent, violent malevolence, Rachel, Branson, and three other fellow ravers will soon learn that the bloody new world order has been inherited by the DeadThirsty.
Starring Sara Bess, Evan Taylor Williams, Melissa Kunnap
Director Jason Winn