Recovery Boys
Available on Netflix
Jeff, Rush, Adam, and Ryan: They're only known by their first names in RECOVERY BOYS. Each of them is beginning a six-month stint at Jacob's Ladder, a brand-new, innovative rehab facility that is designed to offer hope to the hopeless of rural West Virginia. In a setting where opioid addiction is wreaking havoc on an entire population, Dr. Kevin Blankenship, having lived through the challenge of his son's addiction, is cautiously optimistic. In answer to the sparsity of recovery facilities in the area, Jacob's Ladder will provide counseling, a secure place, and a farm to keep its residents busy and engaged in life. Jeff, the first resident, is struggling to regain custody of his two young daughters. This will be the 10th program for Rush, whose life has been saved by medics 14 times. Adam, a wholesome-looking boy, is desperate to stop hurting those he loves and save himself. Ryan is the only man who arrives directly from the street; he must withdraw from the drugs before he can even begin to recover. The first six months are filled with moments of progress and positivity, as well as moments of despair and self-hatred. Each reaches a milestone when they "graduate" into the real world to begin life again. The filmmakers keep the young men close for another year. What transpires is unpredictable -- at times grim, at others, heartening.
Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon