Relax, I'm from the Future
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Relax, I'm from the Future follows Casper (Rhys Darby), a charming, but embarrassingly underprepared Time Traveler from the future, who arrives in the present day to prevent a major future catastrophe. Befriending Holly (Gabrielle Graham), a jaded drifter, Casper draws her into his plan by giving her his trivial knowledge of the future for a series of quick payouts. However, they unwittingly alter the future in the process. With another Time Traveler, Doris (Janine Theriault), attempting to stop them, Casper and Holly are forced to put aside their differences and decide whether the future they’ve threatened is even worth saving. Will they embrace their fate, or do they have the courage to change it before time runs out?
Starring Rhys Darby, Gabrielle Graham, Janine Theriault
Director Luke Higginson