Return of the Gunfighter
Robert Taylor gives one of his best performances in this action-packed Western adventure costarring Chad Everett. Ben Wyatt (Taylor) has had a belly full of guns. Released from prison five years after being wrongfully convicted of murder, the aging gunman wants only to live in peace. But when he's summoned to help an old friend and his wife who are shot before he can get there, Wyatt and their daughter (Ana Martin) set out to find the killers, unaware the young gunslinger (Everett) who rides with them is the brother of the man behind the murders. Although released theatrically overseas, Return of the Gunfighter was originally made for American television. Broadcast on ABC-TV in January 1967, it marked Robert Taylor's final lead role in a Western, a genre in which he would continue to work as the uncredited host of Death Valley Days, a TV series he would narrate from September 1966 until his death in June 1969.
Starring Robert Taylor, Chad Everett, Ana Martín
Director James Neilson