Revenge of the Musketeers
Back and better than ever, the heroic Three Muskateers deliver rollicking good movie fun in the action-adventure tradition of The Mast of Zorro! Sexy international spy Sophie Marceau (The World is Not Enough, Braveheart) plays Eloise, the beautiful daughter of renowned Muskateer D'Artagna (Phillipe Noiret - Cinema Paradiso). When she discovers a murderous conspiracy to overthrow the King of France, the feisty Eloise calls upon her father and his famous...though now retired...brothers-in-arms to reunite in the name of justice! A wildly entertaining story of courage, love and betrayal - you're sure to enjoy all the excitement as the classic trio takes comic adventure to epic proportions!
Starring Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret, Claude Rich
Director Bertrand Tavernier, Robert Davidson