Ride Till I Die
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Born and raised in Davie, Florida, Ricky Ringer came from a troubled past. His father walked out on his family and Ricky was on his own at 15 years old, but he had already found solace in bull riding. The eight-second duel of man versus beast was his emancipation and Ricky was successful early and often. Prize money earned in the arena was adding up and a chance to make the pro circuit was in sight. But despite all his success, Ricky could never win a championship and with the rigorous schedule came a heavy price. Ricky suffered many injuries, including a horrific incident where his face was crushed in 2010 which nearly ended his career. Now at age 39, Ricky realizes his time is running out. His body is constantly in pain as over two decades of bull riding has taken its toll. Despite all the broken bones and permanent scars, Ricky keeps riding, and with his son, Lil’ Ricky, and fellow rider Ernie Courson by his side, Ricky is determined to chase that elusive title or die trying.
Starring Ricky Ringer, Lil' Ricky Ringer, Ernie Courson
Director Tony Rammos