Riding Shotgun
Charles Bronson stars with Randolph Scott in the western adventure Riding Shotgun. Guard Larry Delong (Scott) normally rides shotgun on the stagecoach to Deepwater, but when he's tricked into leaving his post, outlaws rob the stage. Held as a prisoner, Delong discovers that Pinto (Bronson) and his gang robbed the stage as a distraction to lure the law out of Deepwater so they can rob the casino. Delong frees himself and rides to warn the town, but he's mistaken for one of the outlaws. Now, caught between the wary townspeople and the real outlaws riding in, Delong has only moments to stop the casino heist. Based on the story "Riding Solo" by Kenneth Perkins.
Starring Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris, Joan Weldon
Director Andre de Toth