Ripley's Game
From Patricia Highsmith's series of novels featuring the murderous TomRipley comes this thriller about a terminally ill English aristocratwhose desperate need for money leads him to the malicious Ripley and anescalating spiral of violence and murder.Nearly 20 years after TheTalented Mr. Ripley, Tom Ripley, now married and living in an Italianvilla, has become excessively wealthy from both his in-laws and thespoils of his criminal exploits. At a party, a minor social offenseagainst Tom becomes a reason for the dangerous psychopath to seekrevenge. When a friend asks for Ripley's help with a murder, Tomsuggests enlisting the offending party, thereby killing two birds withone stone. With so many individuals involved, however, things soon goawry.
Starring John Malkovich, Dougray Scott, Raymond Winstone
Director Liliana Cavani