Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad
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In a suburb of east London sits Britains answer to Dogtown, the birthplace of skateboarding in the US. “Rom Town” as it is affectionately named by the locals was one of the first skateparks in the UK to be built and with its unique architectural features was granted historical status in 2014. Covering the parks history from 1978 with archive footage and photography along with interviews and stunning action footage of some of the world’s current top skaters and riders, Rom Boys is the first time a feature documentary on this unique sub-culture has been made from a uniquely British perspective. When a devastating fire occurs during the middle of filming, we experience the struggle to try and keep the park open. As skateboarding approaches its debut at the Olympics will the park survive to nurture a new generation of riders and skaters or is it too little too late? The film also looks at the wider influence the skate world has had on UK urban culture from street art to fashion, music and graffiti with interviews from some of the worlds’ biggest names in skate, BMX and street art from past and present.
Starring Maximillion Cooper, Lance Mountain, Warwick Cairns
Director Matt Harris