Rounded Corners
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Rounded Corners is a quirky, uplifting drama/comedy about a motherless girl and her new babysitter. At first, the girl and the babysitter have little in common. The girl, Sarah, is focused on school, colleges, jobs, and the financial markets. The babysitter, Nellie, is a carefree, happy person who worked in a restaurant before getting hired by Sarah’s father, Steve, to spend time with Sarah over summer vacation. Over time, Nellie teaches Sarah several important lessons about life, and finally prods Sarah into talking about what happened to her mother. Sarah has only fleeting memories about her mother, and is afraid to ask her father about the truth. It turns out, Sarah is also afraid of insects. Nellie teaches Sarah to overcome her fears, to find strength, and how to find balance that is missing in her life. We find out that Nellie had a life experience years ago that gave her strength to work through life struggles and achieve something amazing in her own right.After the lessons of the summer are almost over, Sarah finally confronts her father to find the truth about her past. Then, and only then, can she truly be free.
Starring Marie Check, Tinuke Adetunji, Paul Check
Director Paul Check