Running With Scissors
Based on Augusten Burroughs' bestselling 2002 memoir, Running With Scissors follows the tumultuous relationship between the precocious Augusten (played as a 6-year-old by Jack Kaeding, thereafter by Joseph Cross) and his mother. Delusional, erratic, aspiring poet Deirdre (Annette Bening) is unable to set "boundaries" for her bewildered son and is in constant opposition with her alcoholic husband Norman (Alec Baldwin). Eventually, Deirdre turns to Dr. Finch's prescribed therapy and medication. When Norman leaves for good, Augusten is almost relieved to see his father go, but he's devastated when Deirdre leaves him with the quirky Finch family. Weary Mrs. Finch (Jill Clayburgh) proves to be the most compassionate and durable member of his new "family, " which includes two differently damaged daughters: devoutly religious Hope (Gwyneth Paltrow) and rebellious Natalie (Evan Rachel Wood). The boy finds some solace in bed with his new "brother," the darkly manic, 35-year-old Neil (Joseph Fiennes), but their romance is hardly healthy.
Starring Annette Bening, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brian Cox
Director Ryan Murphy