Saadey CM Saab
Saadey CM Saab is a political satire that shows the state of Punjab in all its 'glory as an inefficient state', due to its inherent corruption, internal politics, and above all, an incapable Chief Minister. Things take a wild turn when the Chief Minister mysteriously dies, and the elections are re-held to appoint a replacement. The story revolves around three youngsters, Yudhveer, Dimpy and Inder, who are initially apprehensive about the idea of politics but are plagued by the current situation and contest in the elections for CM. Yudhveer's primary opponent is Damanjeet, a corrupt politician who tries to scheme his way into winning the election, but in vain. Yudhveer wins the hearts of the people of Punjab and wins the election, thus bringing the common man to power and ending the reign of tyranny. However, will this new power, vested upon him be strong enough to ward off the abundant evil and make Punjab a better state?
Starring Harbhajan Mann, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kashish Singh
Director Vipin Parashar