Sam the Man
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From IFC Films and celebrated producer-director Gary Winick (Tadpole, 13 Going on 30) comes the provocative romantic comedy Sam the Man, a wryly funny tale about the complexities of dating and the contradictions of human nature. Fisher Stevens (Uptown Girls, Hackers) stars as Sam Manning, a once-successful Manhattan writer who can't quite churn out his second novel. Floundering through day jobs he doesn't want and selling artwork off his walls to pay the rent, Sam compulsively wastes his creative energies by cheating on his photographer fiancée, Cass (Annabella Sciorra of The Sopranos and What Dreams May Come). As Sam's career and relationship choices become more irrational, his infidelities start to take control over his existence, but only a humbling dose of self-reflection can possibly steer him back towards a path of healthy living. This inventively crafted and smartly observed indie was a film-festival favorite, and features an all-star cast of New York actors, including Maria Bello, Rob Morrow, Ron Rifkin, Griffin Dunne, Luis Guzmán, and George Plimpton as himself.
Starring Fisher Stevens, Rob Morrow, Annabella Sciorra
Director Gary Winick