Sanai Choughade
After, Sayee’s (Sai Tamhankar) mother passed away, she is left with Urmila (Shilpa Tulaskar) and Shrikant (Tushar Dalvi) who take full responsibility to get her married the traditional Indian way. But there is a small problem as they themselves had opted for love marriage and are unaware of the circus of arranged marriage. ‘Kande Pohe’ is a new way of matrimonial search, it turns out to be the answer to Sayee's problems. A prospective groom is ready to marry her but a shocking revelation brings everything to standstill. A light hearted family entertainer full of twists and turns which forces everyone to introspect at the same time takes a sarcastic look at the conventional arranged marriage system.
Starring Tushar Dalvi, Subodh Bhave, Sai Tamhankar
Director Rajeev Patil