Santa Who?
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If Christmas is a time for miracles, this year it's Santa who needs some special holiday magic. Fortunately, enchantment is as plentiful as snowflakes in this heart-warming Christmas comedy that is destined to become a family holiday classic. The last thing TV news reporter Peter Albright expects when covering the typically trivial Christmas stories is to get a great scoop. But then he never expected the real Santa Claus (Leslie Nielsen, "The Naked Gun") to drop into his life-literally. While cruising with his reindeer, Santa accidentally tumbles out of his sleigh and falls directly in front of Peter's car. Santa is fine, except that he has total amnesia and can't remember a thing about his Christmas duties, or the words to "Jingle Bells," or even how to ho-ho-ho. Peter, jaded by the crass commercialism of the season, sees the strange man with amnesia in the Santa costume as a great human-interest story. And his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Claire, sees the bearded old man as the perfect choice for the department Santa she needs. The only one who suspects he's the real Santa is Claire's seven-year-old son, Zack. Meanwhile, with Christmas just days away, Santa's elves, led by elf-boss Max, have launched an all-out search to find their jolly ol' boss. The power of belief and some amazing Christmas magic put Santa back in his sleigh for Christmas, and puts Peter firmly into the lives of Claire and Zack. As Santa flies off with his reindeer into the clear winter night, Peter, Claire and Zack have experienced a Christmas miracle that's out of sight.
Starring Leslie Nielsen, Steven Eckholdt, Robyn Lively
Director William Dear