Sara Stein: Masada
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At the southern edge of the Dead Sea sits the Masada fortress on Table Mountain. It is a significant symbol of the founding myth of Israel. Every child knows the story of the Jewish freedom fighters who resisted the Romans. Masada is always undergoing archaeological excavations. An explosion at the foot of Table Mountain. Chief archeologist Aaron Salzmann is retrieved dead from the rubble. Sara Stein and Jakoov Blok investigate. Aaron is the son of Avram Salzmann, a Shoa survivor and also a celebrated archaeologist who has documented the Masada myth through his excavations. Avram himself was present at the blast, but miraculously survived unscathed. Only he does not remember what happened. It quickly becomes clear that the explosion could not have been an accident.
Starring Katharina Lorenz, Itay Tiran, Samuel Finzi
Director Matthias Tiefenbacher