School of Life
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Ryan Reynolds (THE PROPOSAL) lights up the screen as the charismatic Mr. D, a teacher whose lessons extend far beyond the classroom in this heart-warming tale of learning to appreciate every moment we're given. At Fallbrook Middle School, a Warner has won the coveted Student-Elected Teacher of the Year award 43 years in a row. Unfortunately, it was “Stormin” Norman Warner each time, and now that he's passed away, the burden of maintaining the family legacy falls to Matt Warner (David Paymer of QUIZ SHOW) who's always lived in his famous father's shadow. Determined to keep the Warner tradition alive, Matt re-focuses all his efforts on winning that award, but once again, there's someone in his way - his father’s replacement Mr. D’Angelo. Young, funny, and instantly popular with the kids - everything Matt is not - Mr. D quickly wins over the entire student body, and the faculty.
Starring Ryan Reynolds, David Paymer, John Astin
Director William Dear