Science Friction
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When a dope run into Mexico goes terribly wrong due to a malfunctioning GPS and an unseen entity, Jack (Spencer Heney), a quiet college student and a rowdy group of party girls—the Vamps—find themselves lost on the fabled Walpurgisnacht Road. Panic sets in when their classic convertible along with their $300K delivery vanishes without a trace. Seeking shelter and safety they are drawn deeper into terror when they encounter a dangerous local named Billy (L. Paschal Tenet) who seems to be the key to the cryptic Walpurgisnacht Road and only hope for their survival. Desperation mounts as they are chased into the depths of a cavernous abandoned mine shaft and even deeper into their own subconscious. The frantic group search for redemption as they attempt to evade the inevitable.
Starring Spencer Heney, Cristina Magirescu, Stephanie Kollmar
Director Liam Kiernan