Sea Of Death
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Sea of Death is the ultimate documentary film about a catastrophe many times greater than Titanic: the sinking of three German refugee ships at the end of World War II when 20 000 people lost their lives. It combines unique under water footage from the divers who discovered the Steuben in 2005, interviews with survivors who have kept their trauma a secret for sixty years and access to secret sources in Russia that case new light on the tragic event. Towards the end of the Second World War millions of German civilians fled from the onslaught of the Soviet Army. Women, children, hospitalized soldiers together they crammed the Polish ports, their last chance of being evacuated. The situation was chaotic, the ships were loaded way over capacity. Off the coast, Soviet submarines were lying in wait, ready to attack any ship that ventured out into the Baltic Sea. The under water footage of the three wrecks Wilhelm Gustloff, Steuben and Goya is starkingly graphic: personal belongings left in panic sixty years ago