Secrets of the Dead: Ultimate Tut
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From PBS - Ninety years ago in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, Howard Carter made the most sensational discovery in the history of archaeology—the tomb of Tutankhamun and its golden treasures. It made Tutankhamen the most famous name in ancient Egyptian history. But the real story has become shrouded in myth, and exact circumstances of Tutankhamun’s life and death remain a unknown. The two hour Secrets of the Dead special brings together the latest evidence from a team of archaeologists, anatomists, geologists, and Egyptologists to build the ultimate picture of Tutankhamen. They investigate what was unusual about his burial—why it seems he was buried in a hurry, and what analysis of his mummy and the artifacts in the tomb can tell us about his life and death. Ultimate Tut offers a 21st century approach to ancient history, blending 3D graphics, stylized reconstruction, and a rollicking forensic investigation. Based on genuinely new scientific research, the film will present fresh insights into how Tutankhamen was buried, why his tomb was the only one to remain intact, and the enduring mystery around how he died.
Starring Jay O. Sanders
Director Sean Smith