Servants of Twilight
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Six-year-old Joey Scavello (Jarrett Lennon) is a very special little boy, so special that some people want him dead. "Mother Grace" (Grace Zabriskie) and her followers, the "Servants of Twilight," are convinced that Joey is the anti-Christ, and their "holy" mission is his destruction. After a failed attempt to murder Joey, his mother Christine, (Belinda Bauer) enlists the aid of a private investigator, Charlie Harrison (Bruce Greenwood). When their home is besieged, Charlie moves Christine and Joey into a remote cabin in the woods. There, Charlie and Christine's mutual attraction heats up as the "Servants" discover the hideout and Charlie learns that one of his trusted colleagues has been working with "Mother Grace" all along. The thrilling confrontation may very well mean the end of Joey's life - or the beginning of the ultimate reign of terror!
Starring Bruce Greenwood, Belinda Bauer, Grace Zabriskie
Director Jeffrey Obrow