Severe Supermoto 2
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Severe Racing brings you 3 years of shooting at the Hottest Supermoto Racing Events happening in the sport. Supermoto Bike, ATV's, UTV's and Mini's get it on at the coolest tracks across America. Speeds reaching over 100 Mph. Meet all the top riders including: Burkhart, Ward, Nicoll, Currie, Drew and the new Europeans here. Tons of in your face and on the apex footage. Feel just like you are on the bike yourself with some killer helmet cams. The best riders in Supermoto back it in and whip it in the air for you. Travel with us on this killer adventure of guts, glory, speed and the smell of burning motard rubber. Severe Supermoto is here to stay!
Starring Jeff Ward, Brandon Currie, Brian Deegan
Director Scott Tugel