Shimmer Lake
Available on Netflix
SHIMMER LAKE is a dark, comic Fargo-like crime story in which three hapless criminals blackmail a politically-aspiring bank owner (John Michael Higgins) to help them rob his bank. A savvy local sheriff (Benjamin Walker of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) pursues three suspects -- his inept brother (Rainn Wilson of Six Feet Under), a careless ex-con (Wyatt Russell) and a brain-injured hanger-on (Mark Rendall). The ex-con's wife (Stephanie Sigman) plays a small but pivotal role. Told backwards, the story offers bits and pieces of information to help the audience make sense of the clumsy heist and how and why it was planned and executed. Blood, murder, shootings, and betrayal all play out in intermittently mystifying ways. An exploded meth lab and a child's death (both unseen) are frequently mentioned, the former serving as the cause of the mental impairment of one of the robbers.
Starring Benjamin Walker, Rainn Wilson, Stephanie Sigman
Director Oren Uziel