Sid the Science Kid: The Movie
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In SID THE SCIENCE KID: SID THE MOVIE, Sid (voiced by Drew Massey) and his friend Gabriela (Alice Dinnean) learn that winning a worldwide science contest entitles them to an exclusive preview tour of The Super Ultimate Science Museum. There they meet the museum's eccentric creator, Dr. Bonabodon (Christopher Lloyd), and his staff of robots, including Bobbybot (Bruce Lanoil), a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence prototype who guides the kids' behind-the-scenes tour. Accompanied by a team of contest winners from China -- Yangyang (Allan Trautman) and Niuniu (Julianne Buescher) -- Sid and Gabriela explore the museum, develop new friendships, and learn a lot about teamwork when Bobbybot's programming goes haywire and they have to help Dr. Bonabodon set him straight before the museum opens to the public.
Starring Bruce Lanoil, Victor Yerrid, Donna Kimball
Director Kirk R. Thatcher