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The orphaned Siegfried (Jay Hunter Morris), son of Siegmund and Sieglinde, has been raised by the evil dwarf Mime (Gerhard Siegel). Mime wants the magic ring and to get it intends on having the boy kill Fafner (Hans-Peter König), the dragon who guards it. Before this can happen Siegmund’s broken sword must be repaired. A mysterious Wanderer (Bryn Terfel) appears and chillingly points out that the dwarf will be unable to repair it. Instinctively, Siegfried takes up the broken pieces, re-forges it, and slays the dragon. Heeding the advice of the forest bird (Mojca Erdmann), Siegfried takes the ring, kills Mime to save his own life, and, with a kiss, awakens the sleeping Brünnhilde (Deborah Voigt). Conducted by Fabio Luisi.
Starring Jay Hunter Morris, Deborah Voigt, Bryn Terfel
Director Robert Lepage, Gary Halvorson