Silent River
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On a road trip to reconcile with his estranged wife, Elliot stops at a desert motel to await her call. His frustrations grow as his business falters and he becomes increasingly desolate. In his anxiety, he begins to hear strange sounds and sees haunting images. Are they from his past? His future? But as his desperation reaches a peak, Elliott’s fortunes appear to turn upon the discovery of a gold coin. From there, he meets Greta, a mysterious woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife. She shares with him her plans to recover the life’s work of her deceased husband in the form of a secret prototype project that he had created. Elliott believes that somehow this is all connected to his wife and wants to help. But time is running out under the threat of Amanda, a leader of her husband’s former corporation, who aims to thwart Greta’s plans. The world around them becomes increasingly dangerous and surreal as they struggle to escape.
Starring West Liang, Amy Tsang, Max Faugno
Director Chris Chan Lee