Sinbad of the Seven Seas
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A dazzling adventure of faraway lands and heroic spectacles, this heart-soaring epic follows the brave Sinbad the Sailor (Lou Ferrigno, "The Incredible Hulk") in a rousing tale based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherazade." When an evil wizard named Jaffar casts a cruel spell, a good king and his happy kingdom face darkness for the first time ever. And when Jaffar demands marriage to the king's beautiful daughter, who is already engaged to a handsome prince, it will be up to Sinbad and his loyal companions to save the princess and the people of the kingdom. But first, he must retrieve the palace gems Jaffar has stolen and hidden away... and face the Amazon Queen, the Ghost King and the most vicious beast imaginable along the way!
Starring Lou Ferrigno, John Steiner, Leo Gullotta
Director Lewis Coates, Tim Kincaid