Sisters-In-Law at War
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Fatih and Gizem decided to get married with lightning love. Fatih is from Istanbul. Her family lives in Yeşilköy, Istanbul. His father and mother sit on the top floor of the apartment building, which was built on the land of his father; His older brother Selim and his wife Sultan, whom he married three years ago, sit on the second floor. Fatih and Gizem settle in the opposite apartment of Selim and Sultan in order not to pay rent to another house. But is this a good idea? When two sisters-in-law are neighbors, to reach the terraced apartment on the top floor with a sea view, the efforts of giving the first granddaughter race emerges with the social media obsession and takes the audience on a very adventurous and exciting moments.
Starring Gupse Ozay, Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuğ
Director Onur Bilgetay