Slednecks Mix Tape Vol. 2
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Almost two decades ago, before there were any other sled films or X Games, a small group of friends started running around the mountains of Wyoming with an old film camera and some snowmobiles. They called themselves Slednecks. This group of rebels began jumping their snowmobiles higher and farther than anyone ever had. They searched out steeper mountain faces to descend and deeper powder to destroy. Their new style of riding was laughed at by traditional snowmobilers and their punk rock f**k authority attitude got them blacklisted by a conservative industry. This rebel army fought and clawed their way to continue making films with one goal in mind; to revolutionize the sport. In 1998 Cameron Elliott led the charge. He pushed the limits of himself and his snowmobile motivating future generations. In 1999, Blair Morgan built on what Cameron had started by adding big tricks and whips off natural jumps in the Montana backcountry. Inspired by what the original Slednecks had started, today's modern heroes have taken the sport to levels no one ever thought possible. Dane Ferguson has shown us how big a snowmobile can go year after year. Cody Borchers, with a flair for style reminiscent of Blair Morgan brings a combination of mountain riding and big freestyle tricks that set the bar for the new school of riders. And, Kalle Johansson is possibly the best all around big mountain rider on the planet right now. The technical lines and huge airs KJ has been doing year after year has blown open the doors of possibilities and allowed the winds of change to blow in behind him. This film pays tribute to those early pioneers, and to the wave of soldiers that marched behind them, revolutionizing a sport forever.
Starring Cody Borchers
Director Slednecks Inc