Smiley Face
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Jane (Anna Faris, Scary Movie), an unsuccessful slacker actress, is having a really bad day...and it's about to get more outrageous after she eats her roommate’s fresh batch of hash cupcakes. Soon, she is trying to cross town so she can repay an unforgiving drug dealer (Adam Brody, The OC), attend an audition, and somehow replace the precious cupcakes. Bumming a ride from her roommate's friend (John Krasinski, The Office U.S.) and sausage delivery boy Mikey (John Cho, Harold & Kumar), who are both totally infatuated with her, she sets out on the strangest trip she will ever have... From acclaimed director Gregg Araki (Mysterious Skin, Totally F***ed Up) comes "Smiley Face," a hilarious stoner comedy that will leave you hungry for more!
Starring Anna Faris, Danny Masterson, Adam Brody
Director Gregg Araki