Solla Solla Inikkum
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Sathya (Navadeep), son of Vijayakumar, completes his degree and spends time with friends Guru (Abhinay), Sathyan (Sathyan) among others. Life goes uncomplicated until he meets Saara (Anjali). What starts as friendship develops into love. Interestingly, when Sathya proposes to Saara, she turns it down saying that it was only friendship and nothing more than that. Next comes Meghna (Suja). What starts as love between them ends the same. Meghna insists that they part as lovers as it was all time-pass for her. And now, Sathya comes across Radhika (Madhumitha). They become close friends. So is Guru with her. When Sathya decides to inform Radhika his desire to marry her, she throws a bombshell saying that she and Guru are in love with each other. However Guru takes her for a ride. After utilising her, Guru deserts her. Steps in Sathya, who ensures that both gets married. Guru seeks solace with Badrinath (Prakash Raj). A do-gooder and an influential man in the society, he takes sides with Guru. Sathya goes hammer and tongs and ensures that all ends well. Also enters Anu (Mallika Kapoor) in Sathya's life.
Starring Madhumita Sundararaman, Prakash Raj, Livingston