Someone Else
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Thirtysomething photographer David (Stephen Mangan) has for some time been happily dating Lisa (Susan Lynch)... but increasingly he's dreaming of Nina (The War Zone's Lara Belmont), a tempestuous free spirit who seems to represent everything his loving, stable girlfriend is not. So what's a man to do? From this all-too-familiar premise first-time writer/director Spector has crafted a funny, sad, and above all discomfortingly honest look at the male gender's seemingly infinite capacity for self-deception – superbly performed by a talented ensemble cast, and directed with admirable economy and confidence. This well-crafted British independent might, if you're a bloke, have you looking awkwardly at your shoes and wondering how someone got inside your head to find this stuff out. From IFC Films.
Starring Stephen Mangan, Chris Coghill, Susan Lynch
Director Col Spector