Songs for Amy
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‘Songs for Amy’ is a darkly comedic love story, set in the west of Ireland and New York, about a musician, Sean O’Malley (Sean Maguire), who writes an album for Amy, the girl he loves (Lorna Anderson), in an attempt to redeem himself. The album takes him on a roller-coaster journey where he is both helped and hindered by his misfit bandmates. Directed by BAFTA and EMMY-nominated Konrad Begg, ‘Songs for Amy’ has a terrific ensemble cast. The film stars Sean Maguire (Once Upon a Time) in a breakthrough role and Lorna Anderson (Mausam). They are joined by the bandmates Barry Ward (Jimmy's Hall), Ross Mac Mahon and Ford Kiernan (Still Game, Gangs of New York). Kevin Ryan (Copper, Crossbones) plays the pop icon, JJ. The film also features Gavin Mitchell (You Instead), James Cosmo (Braveheart, Game of Thrones) and Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy). Rock band Alabama 3 play themselves and are instrumental in leading Sean astray and eventually completely off track. The story, written by Fiona Graham, was inspired by the music scene of the west of Ireland. The film follows, largely in flashback, the joy and heartache behind Sean’s songs and the events that led him to write them. His bandmates provide the comedic backdrop to Sean’s darkest hours, and in true Celtic style, their humour is at its best when the chips are down. Set against the stunning backdrop of the west of Ireland, Galway is a character itself in the film, from the colourful and vibrant streets of Galway city, to the pretty harbours and painted pubs of the county, to the stunning Lough Cutra Castle, against the barren but romantic landscape of The Burren. These magical locations are contrasted with the bright lights of New York City when the story crosses the Atlantic. ‘Songs for Amy’ has been dubbed ‘the musician’s film’ due to its authentic portrayal of the eclectic music scene of Ireland and because of the incredible original soundtrack with songs by Ultan Conlon and Jim Mckee, rock band Alabama 3, Patrick Bergin, and Irish folk singer Eleanor Shanley, as well as music from Tom Paxton and Jono McCleery. Produced by Sonny and Skye Productions and Seafaring films, ‘Songs for Amy’ is a film about the story behind a musician’s songs, about love, friendship, loss and regret and ultimately about hope.
Starring Sean Maguire, James Cosmo, Patrick Bergin
Director Konrad Begg