Spartan: Exit Strategy
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As a world-renowned author and interviewer, Cal is no stranger to adversity, commitment, or accomplishment. For over 40 years, his sense of curiosity and adventure has provided him a bountiful life. Now entering what he describes as his “Final Act”, mortality has been weighing heavily on his mind. He wants to live long and happy and worries that he lacks the fitness and health needed to do so. Having transformed the lives of millions, Cal’s buddy, Joe De Sena, insists he’s got the tools to help Cal. But he’ll need to dedicate himself to living the life of a Spartan. Cal’s not sold… but he is willing to go on the journey and, like millions around the globe, he is well aware that it might just take an aha moment to truly ignite the passion needed to complete a transformation and sustain it. Joe will introduce Cal to world-famous nutritionists, fitness gurus, world champions, athletes, and authors. He’ll insist Cal transform through fitness and nutrition by training and completing his Spartan trifecta at the Spartan World Championship Race in Tahoe. Joe will push Cal to the Edge. Over the course of our film, we will take you on a physical, mental, and sometimes emotional journey as Cal sets out to find his Exit Strategy.
Starring Call Fussman, Joe De Sena, Dr. Fred Bisci
Director Kemp Curley, Ian Dempsey