Spin State
Available on Philo, Tubi TV, Plex
Troubled private detective Kline Dyson is clinging onto a past he can’t re-member at the price of a present he cannot bear. After years of suffering from blackouts that see him waking up in strange places with no memory of how he got there, he’s constructed a version of reality to help him cope that’s left him alienated and alone. Drawn into the case of a young woman concerned about her estranged husband’s behavior, Kline begins to see connections between the investigation and his blackouts that defy explana-tion. With the help of his client and her deep knowledge of physics, Kline un-covers a latent trauma inextricably woven into landscape, memory and time that causes him to re-examine his beliefs and asks if reality is anything more than whatever you want it to be.
Starring Jamie Robson, Seyan Sarvan, Aurora Fearnley
Director Ross A Wilson