SpongeBob SquarePants: Viking Sized Adventure
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The denizens of the deep are at it again, causing waves of laughter when SpongeBob learns all about the Vikings - right from Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, and Gordon, Squidward gets stuck in the pineapple with his two best pals (NOT!), SpongeBob and Patrick get carried away filling in for Mermaidman and Barnacleboy at a shuffleboard tournament, the boys get Squidward banned from his secret society lodge, Mr. Krabs tries to fool his visiting granddad into thinking he's a pirate, SpongeBob sneaks out of boating class to attend a book signing, Plankton opens an underground restaurant, Squidward impersonates Squilliam, and more nautical nonsense!
Starring Tom Kenny, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown