Stake Land
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Stake Land is a heart stopping road trip to the outer edge by way of a blood drenched jugular. America is lost in the darkness and decay of a Vampire epidemic as survivors cling together in rural pockets, fearful of sunset and the vicious feral beasts that define their living nightmares. When seventeen year-old Martin is orphaned after a marauding vampire destroys his family he is taken under the dusty wing of abattle-weary drifter called Mister. Bonded by a glimmer of hope, they forge a formidable fighting team and travel from town to fortified town, joined by a displaced nun, a pregnant woman and a disillusioned Marine in search of a far-off frontier called New Eden. Surrounded by hungry vampires and the opposing force of a fundamentalist militia known as The Brethren the stakes are well and truly raised for a bloody battle royale in what has been audaciously described as The Road on supernatural steroids.
Starring Nick Damici, Connor Paolo, Danielle Harris
Director Jim Mickle