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STARSTRUCK is a throwback to those musical vehicles of the 1930s and 1940s in which young unknowns put on a big show filled with glamorous numbers. In this case it’s 14-year-old Angus Mullens (Ross O’Donovan) who decides to make his new-wave, punkish cousin, Jackie (Jo Kennedy), an Australian singing sensation. Under his management, Jackie wins a local talent contest and impresses The Wombats, a band, who agree to join forces with the up-and-coming star. Angus arranges an audition with Terry Lambert (John O’May), host of The Wow! Show. Terry lures Jackie away from the band and attempts to soften her punk image, but the results prove disastrous. After Jackie’s deadbeat dad takes what little money the family had, putting their hotel/bar in jeopardy, Angus reunites group and enters them in a contest with a $25,000 prize, and it may be just enough to cover the family’s debts.
Starring Jo Kennedy, Ross O'Donovan, Pat Evison
Director Gillian Armstrong