Stay Tuned
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It's important to Stay Tuned physically, mentally, intuitively… but really this is just a movie about having fun... and keeping your board tuned. Join us in a world of shrinking winter, as this hopeful bunch follows their hearts to find it.Come strap in with Absinthe Films as they follow storms and explore new terrain around the world to find new spots and the best conditions with the riders you love to watch, along with a handful of new ones who will become your future favorites. After years of mediocre snow, it's finally Europe’s turn again and Hans Mindnich, Nicolas Müller, Severin Van Der Meer and John Jackson are here to search out new zones and enjoy familiar ones in Italy and Switzerland. Chads Gap, Earl Grey Gap and too many other spots to list. Tap into the Absinthe frequency and get out there to enjoy the natural world yourself.
Starring Nicolas Muller, Hans Mindnich, Red Gerard
Director Shane Charlebois, Justin Hostynek