Stiletto Dance
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Kit Adrian and Jay Flowers, partners on the force, have spent the last few months living undercover. Their mission : to infiltrate a Russian Mafia ring reputed to possess a nuclear bomb. Jay, a family man, is eager to return to his wife and kids. While Kit, a tough cop with a list of ex-girlfriends and dead partners behind him, is intent on completing the assignment at any cost. When the opportunity to prove themselves to mob boss Anton Seaberg finally arises, the officers jump on the occasion. Forced to participate in a hit, Kit and Jay soon find themselves twisting in the deadly embrace of the criminal world. The situation gets worse... Enraptured by the wife of a Russian mobster, Kit's motives become unceasingly ambiguous. Is he just playing the part or has he crossed over to the wrong side ?
Starring Eric Roberts, Romano Orzari, Shawn Doyle
Director Mario Azzopardi