Stones In Exile
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At the end of the '60s the Stones were at a turning point - recovering from Altamont, hounded by the press, battling drug busts, and facing possible financial ruin, the band throws down the gauntlet, sever all ties, and decamps to the south of France to begin the most arduous recording sessions of their entire careers for an album that in time will come to be regarded as one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made. This is the story of the Stones in exile. This is the Stones fighting for their lives. This is the story of the making of "Exile on Main Street." "Rock and roll, drugs, and sex, in that order!" is how Anita Pallenberg, famous ex of Rolling Stone Keith Richards, describes life in the South of France in 1972. The Stones have released their worldwide #1 smash album "Sticky Fingers" and then promptly disappear from the scene. Avoiding bankruptcy as tax exiles in France, they are struggling to make an album that will, in time, become regarded as their masterpiece. Holed up in the labyrinthine basements of Keith and Anitas rented mansion, they battle rising temperatures, drug addiction, theft, and a very wary French police, in a bid to maintain the mantle of Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. We know they succeeded, but how? With a treasure trove of rare and never-before-seen film and photos of the period, and new interviews with the band, "Stones in Exile" is the story of the life and times of the Stones as they craft one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time, "Exile on Main Street."
Starring Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Director Stephen Kijak