In the early 90's, a top secret organization conducted an experiment to test the theory. Two methods were selected. One stimulated the secretion of abnormal hormones by subjecting the brains of expectant mothers to tremendous stress. The resulting mutations engendered children with extraordinary powers beyond the limits of normal human abilities. The other method involved genetic manipulation and implantation using animal and insect DNA. The subject mothers gave birth to children with entirely different yet equally powerful abilities.The two sets of children grew up separately, and their paths diverged. The first set embraced hope, and used their powers to benefit the future of mankind. The other set was consumed by despair and would try to destroy the world with their powers. Each set relied only on their own group, but destiny brought them together. As dark forces vie to harness their power, their battle will determine the future of mankind!
Starring Okada Masaki, Shôta Sometani, Riko Narumi
Director Takahisa Zeze