Superstitions say that family members who marry in the same year would experience a life of misfortune but two women from two different places are under the same threat of being whisked away by tragedy -- without identifying the part of the superstition that they transgressed. After witnessing her parent's rocky relationship, Sandy (Kris Aquino) makes all the necessary precautions to ensure that her marriage will be smooth-sailing, yet soon after her wedding, some members of her entourage experience ghastly accidents after which the bodies are never found. Miles away, Diana (Claudine Barretto) suffers under the same strange occurrences yet she ascertains prior to her big day that no near relative just got married. It turns out that a narrow link ties the separate mysteries together, and Sandy and Diana must race against time to find each other -- and stop further deaths from happening -- before it's too late.
Starring Kris Aquino, Claudine Barretto, Wendell Ramos
Director Chito S. Roño