Switching Channels
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Kathleen Turner and Burt Reynolds star in an updated version of one of Hollywood's most beloved stories. The original 1931 classic The Front Page starred Pat O'Brien and Adolphe Menjou; Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell revived the story in 1949's His Girl Friday, and Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Susan Sarandon brought it back again in Billy Wilder's The Front Page (1974). Sully (Reynolds) is the producer of a cable news program; Christy (Turner) is his ex-wife and best reporter. She informs him that she's quitting the news business to marry Blaine (Christopher Reeve) just as an innocent man is about to be executed. With a botched execution, a prison break and a possible pardon in the works, Sully pulls out every trick in the book to break up her upcoming marriage and keep her on the job.
Starring Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve
Director Ted Kotcheff