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Fernando is on holiday with his closest friends in a beautiful country house in a chic suburb of Buenos Aires. Without the presence of their girlfriends the boys are eager to talk about their deepest feelings, their sexual desire for the girls, their fear of the future and their conflicts. Disconnected from the outside world, they do little more than bask in the hot sun, play in the swimming pool, smoke pot and drink. As in all "men only" situations, they feel free to walk around naked or half- naked, being in such intimate proximity to each other. In that context, Fernando decides to invite a newcomer, Germán, a close friend from his Taekwondo class. Germán is easily accepted by the group as Fernando is so appreciated by this "clan." But Germán has a preference that Fernando ignores, he is attracted to men. little by little the two friends get closer and more intimate, almost on the verge of romance. It is obvious that in this totally heterosexual environment, this relationship becomes a secret to hide from the others, or not...
Starring 加布里·埃爾艾波斯坦, 盧卡斯·帕帕, 尼古拉斯·巴索夫
Director Marco Berger, Martín Farina