Talking About Adultery
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Talking About Adultery is an eye-opening documentary and unexpected love story about the challenges of monogamy and what it takes to create a trusting relationship. Hidden subjects reveal their most intimate stories of sex, love, lies, marriage, and adultery sharing frank truths about trust and human desire. The filmmakers’ quest to explore our shared human desire to build relationships, feel wanted, and be sexually satisfied frames her own self-discovery. Looking deeper and confronting her past leads her to her own partner and lover.Shot in a unique visual style, the film weaves together over 50 interviews with lovers, husbands, wives, mistresses, and participants in non-traditional, polyamorous relationships, creating a conversation-rich tapestry of intimate interiors, urban landscapes, as well as personal and historic footage from the former Czechoslovakia.
Starring Iva Gocheva, Caleb Hammond, Becca Lewis
Director Bara Jichova Tyson